Meet the head of TIS, Dr. Sean Joyce

As a proSeanfessional educator, Sean Joyce, Ph.D. has been involved directly with teaching students and teachers for almost 30 years. Dr. Joyce has served for more than 15 years, both as a mentor teacher and a master teacher, working directly with educators as they develop their “art of teaching.” He has worked in this capacity, and as an adjunct professor, with the University of Redlands, California State University, La Verne University, California State University (San Bernardino campus), and the Claremont Graduate University School of Educational Transformation.

From 2002 to 2009, before coming to The International School at Mesa del Sol, Dr. Joyce worked as a school site administrator in both California and New Mexico. In this capacity, he was instrumental in developing a systemic and school-wide professional development plan for all instructional staff that focuses on brain-based research, Robert Marzano’s (McREL) effective instructional strategies, differentiated instruction, Thinking Maps™, Understanding by Design™, Multiple Intelligences and the inclusion of both gifted and special education students in general education class settings.

Dr. Joyce has presented his work to the National Scholars Conference; the Technology, Reading and Learning Difficulties International Conference (TRLD); the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference (ASCD); the Western Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching, hosted by the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars; and the National Educational Computer Conference (NECC).

Dr. Joyce earned his Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Redlands, and his Ph.D. in Urban Educational Administration from Claremont Graduate University, where his research study focused on a comparison of leadership attributes between public school, and charter school principals, based upon the governance structure of the schools, and the possible effect on student achievement. One of his primary goals is to develop a working model school, implementing current research, effective instructional strategies, and community involvement with a university faculty and research facility.

School Directory & Staff List
# #
Allen, Will PYP PE/ART 14 202
Ashley, Jackie SECRETARY OFFICE 204
Bloyer, Laurie 1ST 11 218
Boliver, Eileen SPED/READING 21 112
Bonilla, Carl MENTOR 3 210
Browne, Michaela MYP MATH 17 111
Castaneda, Amanda 3RD 24 248
Vigil, Christine MYP Fine Arts 23
Fox, Mary MYP Language Acquisition 20 209
Gallegos, Alycia MYP Science 16 113
Gibson, Tina SPED 3 210
Giebitz, Amalia PYP Music & Mandarin 9 224
Hammad, Dina Asst. Business Manager Office
Hawkins, Lisa Kindergarten 8 230
Hinchliff, Carol Kindergarten 5 219
Jackson, Bonnie 5th Grade 29 221
Joyce, Sean HOS OFFICE 200
Korce, Ben MYP HUM/ SPED 18 110
Langmaid, Barbra AST-HOS OFFICE 201
Leinwand, Robin OT 3
Kat Gullahorn  Librarian 12&13 216
Lopez, Claudia SPED 21 112
Mattingly, Rebecca KINDER 4 213
Medina, Rosie Director of Special Programs & Student Support 3 210
Mintzer, Jamie 3RD 25 231
MPR 10&11 300
Nevares, Jo 4th Grade 26 220
Newcomb, Samantha Admin. Intern office 212
Noe, Heather 2ND 7 207
Padilla, Aaron MYP PE/Health 30 114
Padilla-Orpinel, Lynette MYP Language & Literature 19 206
Panlzau, John 4TH 27 227
Reed, Jenifer 1ST 10 203
Skidmore, Aimee 2ND 6 208
Vargas, Desiree SPED EA 21 112
Vesper, Mary 5TH 28 211
Wagner, Tricia MYP Performing Arts 22 115
Revised 10/18/2015