Reading Resources and Tips for Parents


1) Talk to your children!
A strong foundation in oral language is essential for children to become skilled readers. The oral language builds vocabulary, knowledge of language usage and how the language is structured.
2) Read to your children!
Reading aloud to your children is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary, inference making and build background knowledge.
3) Have them read everyday!
Even if your child is very young having them “read “ picture books aloud will help build language skills and vocabulary. Those children who are independent readers will become more skilled and automatic in their reading with continued practice.
4) Let them see you reading!
When your children see you read they see it as something of value and are more likely to follow your example.
5) Use audio books!
If you are uncomfortable reading out loud or find it difficult to set aside time to read with your child using audio books can be a great way to provide that experience.

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