About Ms. Giebitz

Dear students and families

My name is Amalia Giebitz, and I have been at TIS since 2013, after returning to the United States from Dalian, China, where I lived for 6 ½ years. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in 2011 from SUNY Empire State College with a degree in Intercultural Communications, and my received my teacher training from the Central New Mexico Community College Alternative Licensure Program. I’ve also had the pleasure of participating in both Category 1 and 2 training in IB curriculum development and implementation.

Besides a wonderful husband, who is studying for his Ph.D., I have two children and a cat. Our cat, Sadie, likes to cuddle and purrs a lot when we pet her, but at night she goes a little wild, and zooms through the house like she has a jet pack attached to her. On the weekends I love to read or hike in the mountains with my family. Sometimes, on a cold, wintry day, I just curl up with a book to read as I listen to music I love. My favorite books are stories that make me both laugh and cry. I also enjoy playing music and singing with my husband for our community.

I teach both Mandarin Chinese and Music to the Primary Years students. I use an inquiry-based approach that allows students to uncover content, rather than me “delivering” the content to them. What this means is that we start our lessons with big questions, like “Why do people speak different languages?” and “How do people make songs?” This provides a context for students to start exploring with me as their guide. My classroom will be structured with a number of procedures that I will help the students learn, so that expectations are always clear, and so that we have a safe and predictable environment. Our curriculum design is based on several sources of standards: The IB Arts and Languages Scope and Sequence documents, the National Standards for Foreign Language Education, and the Core Music Standards from the National Association for Music Education.

 I will be using Class Dojo in our classes to help encourage students to practice the IB Attitudes and develop the Attributes of the Learner Profile. You can find information about how your child is doing daily in class with regard to academic performance and behavior by creating your own login. This will also allow us to communicate more easily as well, as there are options for you to provide your email or phone number for text messages about either the whole class, and/or just your child. This web-based, secure service provides teachers with the ability to record students’ positive behaviors and efforts, as well as reminders for improvement, the moment they occur. They are tracked both individually and as a class, so we can all practice more reflection on what is going well, and where we need to improve.  Stop by my classroom to get your individualized parent and/or students account codes.

You can read about our class policies, essential agreements and student assessment here As we have diverse student body, I will be differentiating our classroom based on student interests and abilities. However, when students are struggling or falling behind, I am happy to make extra time for them during my lunch hour or after school. Please contact me or have your child talk with me if extra help is needed. We all want to make sure our students are successful!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me, either via email at agiebitz@tisnm.org or by calling the school at (505) 508-3295. If I am not immediately available, you may leave a voicemail. I will return your call within 24 hours.

With warmest regards,

Amalia Giebitz,Specials Teacher (Music and Mandarin)