5th Grade Exhibition

At the culmination of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme 5th Graders complete 5th grade Exhibition.  This 3-4 month project will use all of the critical thinking, problem solving and global citizenship skills that the students have learned in the program.  Guided by their teachers and faculty mentors, the students will complete a unit of inquiry independently or in groups.  Students will be asked to choose an area of interest within the central idea and to pose questions to guide their inquiry into this chosen topic. The students will then use these guiding questions to explore their chosen topic while determining what action would lend itself to making a difference in their community in regards to what they have learned. Lastly, students will display their knowledge on the central idea to the community.  This whole process is called the Exhibition.  Though the process is student-driven, they receive assistance from teachers, parents and mentors within the community.  Student presentations for the Exhibition will be held in mid May and will be open to all members of the school community and beyond.

At the start of exhibition there is a parent’s meeting to help everyone understand the project. 

Parent Exhibition Information Presentation


5th ex4

The exhibition is:

A student-directed, collaborative (group) inquiry into a real world problem where students demonstrate their understanding of the essential elements of International Baccalaureate, including: approaches to learning, concepts, attitudes and the Learner Profile that will culminate in an opportunity to plan and engage in meaningful action as a result of their research and analysis.

Students make posters, essays, books, webpages and do community outreach to share their work.

Check Out the Webpage made by a TIS Student Group


The exhibition is not:

  • A science fair project
  • Adult driven
  • A poster contest
  • A competition
  • An individual project

5th ex1

The Role of the Student:

  • Work collaboratively in a small group
  • Inquire (formulate questions to drive their research)
  • Conduct research using a variety of resources
  • Develop and follow essential class agreements regarding academic honesty
  • Take initiative
  • Be organized
  • Be open-minded to mentor’s guidance
  • Create a plan of reasonable action and follow through
  • Reflect on the Exhibition process

5th ex3

The role of parents

Provide guidance to students as needed

  • Communicate with teacher as needed
  • Observe their student’s progress
  • Support student (but not complete work)
  • Attend the Exhibition in May
  • Reflect on the process

For pictures from the 2014 Exhibition, click here.