New Family Frequently Asked Questions

When is the enrollment deadline for 2017-2018?

The first open enrollment period closes on February 24 th, 2017.  2017-2018 enrollment forms are available on the web and can be turned in via email, fax, mail or in person to the TIS office. Enrollment in public charter schools is first come first served for available seats. Once the enrollment exceeds available seats, then a lottery must be conducted. Students with completed forms will be placed in classes or on waiting lists by lottery if necessary. Once an enrollment window closes and a lottery is completed, the student is not subject to any subsequent lottery. Their position on the waiting list is set until they move up the list or withdraw their enrollment.

Subsequent lotteries will be held on the 4th Friday of each month. Families will be notified by phone and e-mail of their placement in a class or waiting list. After receiving placement in a class, families must register their student within 3 weeks for grades with waiting lists or by June 1, 2017 for grades without waiting lists to avoid losing placement.


When will be find out if we have a placement in a class or on the waiting list?

Families will be notified by phone and e-mail of their placement in a class or waiting list within a week of the close of each enrollment window.  If you have not been contacted, please call the school office at 508-3295 or e-mail info@tisnm.org

What is International Baccalaureate (IB)?

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) is a non-profit educational foundation offering highly respected programmes of international education that develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Schools must be authorized, by the IB organization, to offer any of the three programmes.

The IB has high standards of teaching and student achievement. The IB organization works to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment that are used in schools around the world. One important element of the IB curriculum is the Learner Profile, which consists of 10 characteristics students and faculty model as part of developing into global citizens.

The coveted IB curriculum provides our school with a framework of essential elements — the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action that students need to equip them for successful lives, both now and in the future. Our school works with the IB organization to construct a challenging curriculum where students use inquiry into transdisciplinary subjects and make connections to the world outside of the classroom. It focuses on teaching students to think and discover for themselves. To learn more about this rigorous curriculum, visit http://www.ibo.org/.

Tell me more about the IB Enrollment Fee?

TIS is a tuition-free, public state charter school and an IB World School. The state provides no additional funding to develop and maintain the rigorous IB curriculum that sets TIS apart from other schools in New Mexico. TIS must pay the International Baccalaureate Organization annual membership fee and reauthorization fees every 5 years. Additionally, TIS must pay for special, IB-required training for the teachers. Several years ago, the TIS parents voted to implement a voluntary donation to off-set these costs. Families donate $150 to $250 to TIS because they value the IB curriculum and the highly trained teachers.

How do I visit and find out more about TIS?

Visit Our Open Houses and Tours Page

How do I find more information on TIS policies and procedures?

The TIS student handbook is available on our website here. It contains detailed information on attendance, homework, special needs, discipline, anti-bullying, and much more.

Is there after school care?

Yes, Roadrunner After-School Program provides care from 7 AM until 6 PM at TIS. See their website for registration and fee information. http://www.roadrunnerasp.com/

Is there after school activities?

Yes, TIS offers a variety of clubs and sports free of charge to TIS students.  To learn more, visit the after-school activities page .

Is there transportation?

Yes, TIS offers bus service from various locations in Albuquerque.  To see the bus routes visit our Transportation Page.