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Doing Research? 

Here are links to a variety of resources that students use for online research (forget Google and Wikipedia!) as well as current events and homework help.

Use these search databases built especially for K-12.

El Portal is administered by the New Mexico State Library. It is a research database for Teachers and Families with free access to resources that are otherwise unavailable for free. No login is necessary if you are in New Mexico. You’ll find newspapers, videos, articles, encyclopedias, & more! Your bond money at work. Thank You
bnr-elportal-logo     http://www.elportalnm.org/
Kiddle is a safe visual search engine for primary year kids http://www.kiddle.co
Infotopia is an academic search engine that accesses only trusted sites http://www.infotopia.info/
Research in Context is a database for middle-schoolers to access appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, articles, and more. opposing view pointsResearch in Context
PYP Articles, pictures, and maps on animals, history, people, places, science and more. kid bitKids InfoBits

Gale Virtual Reference Library is online encyclopedias.   

 galeVirtual Reference Library

Resources for Citing Work

 Guides the student to enter the citation data and then generates a full MLA citation.
MLA Citation Maker from OSLIS
Copyright Comic Download comic now
Classroom Resources
Made by a PYP visual arts teacher to help students with their understanding of the whole IB philosophy
Jerry Swiatek  —   360 tours of museums around the world, swimming through the Great Barrier Reef, overlaying historical maps onto the globe, and a LOT of other great resources!   Great source for virtual field trips around the world. www.livebinders.com
 Information about animals www.sheppardsoftware.com
 Math help and lessons  www.khanacademy.org
 Moby Max  www.mobymax.com
 Prodigy Game  www.prodigygame.com
 Google Earth www.google.com/earth/
 Starfall  www.starfall.com 
 ABCYA  www.abcya.com 
 Mandarin Resources  www.tisnm.org/mandarin-resources/ 
 Reading Rockets  www.readingrockets.org
 Florida’s Center on Reading Research    www.fcrr.org
 Online books for kids.  epic EPIC!
Homework HelpNow!
brain fuse BrainFuse HelpNow  Live tutoring and homework help in English and Spanish from 2-11pm, and 24/7 access to reading, writing, and math concepts, tests, and more!
 Access to News and Current Events.
Newspapers InfoTrac Newsstand Search an archive of more than 1,000 newspapers Newsbank is online, searchable, full text access to major NM papers.
news bank
Opposing Viewpoints provides context and opinions on current issues. research in contextOpposing Viewpoints In Context
Dogo News provides current events for elementary classes www.dogonews.com
Interesting news articles published for each grade level www.newsela.com

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