Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program

Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) and TIS MYP:

TIS MYP students participate in in a variety of ecology studies including monitoring watersheds, collecting and analyzing data at Bosque sites near Albuquerque and presenting to ensure continued understanding and support for our ecosystem.

Watershed monitoring for BEMP, The Nature Conservancy, and Valles Caldera National Preserve (VCNP) in the Jemez:  Students were given a pre-trip lecture on the importance of watershed health and the negative impacts of catastrophic fire on downstream water quality. Two streams were monitored, one in an area that had not been burned and one in a post-fire area. Students monitored the impacts of a burned area on water quality. Students measured dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, specific conductance, temperature, nutrients and aquatic macroinvertebrates. In September 2014, students also monitored streambed geomorphology, slope, and river flow.

bemp myp
TIS students monitor the water depth to assess the health of a stream.
bemp myp2
TIS students inspect their water samples.

Data Collection and Monitoring in the South Valley:

MYP BEMP 3 Presentation