Fine Arts

There are many approaches to teaching children about the arts and how the arts are woven deeply within every society.  At TIS we implement an IB approach that covers all New Mexico State Standards and The National Art Standards.

Fine Arts are an important part of the curriculum.  In the middle years programme (6-10) students have fine arts every year. In the primary years programme (K-5) students have art class on a 4-day rotation.

Our students have the time to recognize and appreciate art as a sophisticated form of communication. TIS students are exposed to a diverse range of art forms and each student is encouraged to become analytical interpreters of art and its context. Through interpretation, students can better recognize and explore cultural trends and the ideologies of others. Most projects involve a process of research, planning, creating and evaluating. This process helps students organize, develop and express their own views while incorporating new technical and intellectual skills.

Art takes an interdisciplinary approach where teachers of all subjects collaborate throughout the year developing links that foster student social and academic success.