What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a publicly funded independent school established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority.

The mission of The International School at Mesa del Sol (TIS) is to provide a meaningful, globally-connected and comprehensive educational program to all students, regardless of personal circumstance, to develop knowledgeable, reflective, critical and compassionate life-long learners who understand, appreciate and respect the common bonds of humanity in a culturally-diverse world.

Overview of Educational Philosophy

All children, regardless of personal circumstance, are entitled to a meaningful, contemporary education that prepares them not only for the world that is, but also for the world that will be. In practical terms, this translates to an academic program that is rich, relevant, challenging, and international in its scope, content, standards, and benchmarks.

TIS believes the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary and Middle Years Programs (PYP & MYP) is the best academic program to fulfill the school’s vision and goals. The PYP and MYP are based on the most current educational research, promote the most appropriate pedagogical strategies, draw together the best classroom practices from around the world, and offer internationally recognized standards, benchmarks, and criterion-referenced assessments. A value-added benefit for students who participate in the International Baccalaureate program is the immediate connection with thousands of other students in classrooms around the world, representing diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. The richness and global context that IB program brings to New Mexico students gets right to the heart of our mission and vision.

Methods and Approach

The Learning Tools described below will guide all aspects of the curriculum (written, taught, assessed) and support the faculty as they develop their units of inquiry, methods and approaches and place them in their required lesson planners. Learning Tools will ensure that the unit’s purpose, student learning and assessments are all linked to the unit’s clearly-stated central idea. Teachers will implement these Learning Tools on a daily basis, with support from site-based IB professional development workshops and from TIS’s connection to all PYP schools around the world via the IB’s Online Curriculum Center (OCC). The OCC offers all schools support strategies, mentoring, and exemplar units in order to promote and facilitate the highest professional standards in classroom management